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• We have  non polluting source (Zero) to generate power 24/7

• Step Up Electrical Power Generation System model input source  7.5 KW output 15 KVA

• Step Up Electrical Power Generation System with variable multiple drives model input 15 KW to output 30 KVA


• There was no dependency on wind or solar &The cost of power bills came down by 50%


• The return on investment period was a fraction of other renewable energy sources


  •   The product patent has been done

  • Currently testing different power transmission for higher version models with cooling system

  • Developed Digital Power Supply system with PCB Controller for Remote programming

• Developing lithium ion batteries with super capacitor pack for  developing self reliable power generation  system

Our Market


•The market is huge with 0.22 million DG sets sold in 2015,it  is forecast to grow at CAGR 7.2% till 2022

 • Generate power 24/7 from range 1 MW to 10 MW which can be competitively cheaper then other renewable and non renewable power energy generation system. 

  • Government push for renewable and non polluting sources of energy and a veritable boon for remote areas and areas deficient in sunlight & wind

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Indian Fund Fest 2017 speech.

Our company was one of the TOP 42 finalist.


Check out this 1st model SEPG Technology demo video input is 7.5  kw output is 15 KVA.

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